Strategies To Play Roulette

Strategies To Play Roulette

By doing a Google search, you often come across some sites specialized in online gambling that describe almost certain winnings through the practice of certain strategies. The Casino guide allows you to provide advice applicable to the game of live roulette for novice players, who want to have fun betting in online casinos, avoiding running into unpleasant situations, which could lead them to mature negative experiences with losses considerable figures, as often happens.

This guide does not want to describe the techniques for playing roulette, as this game is based solely and exclusively on luck. However, based on personal experiences gained “on the field”, having taken part in several game sessions, people are convinced that there are some tricks that allow to reduce the house edge. Don’t forget that the game of roulette was designed to make the casino win. Therefore there are no infallible methods to win at roulette and those who propose them certainly have a personal advantage. Click on the for the further understanding.

How to reduce the house edge: some tips

As it is mentioned earlier, instead of talking about real strategies for online roulette,some important tips here on how to reduce the house edge, which theoretically is equal to 2.7%. First of all, it is important to choose the game variant on which to place your bets.

After several tests carried out playing at many roulette tables, in its different versions, the best way to increase the chances of winning have been found that is to bet on French roulette which has the partage rule, according to which in case of exit of the zero, simple chance bets go to jail and can be released if you win the next game. French roulette, as is well known, has only one zero which, in case of exit, will cause you to lose only 50% of the bet placed.

The most recommended plays and the odds of winning

By playing at the roulette table that accepts the partage rule,it has statistically proven that it is more convenient to bet on red and black or on even or odd or on high / low, that is, on those combinations in which there is 50% of probability of getting a win or a loss. The other types of bets offered by the French roulette green table increase the odds of suffering losses even more, which is why youmust not taken them into consideration. As the casino edge with the partage rule is reduced by 1.35%, the player is less likely to suffer losses by betting on the types of bets listed above.

If you decide to use the strategy by betting on live roulette with a flesh-and-blood employee, the extractions of the numbers are carried out just like in a real land-based casino, that is, without the aid of a random number generator.

When a spin is made, you never have to think about the results that came out during the previous draws, because each spin of the wheel is a story in itself. Since this is a game that is based only on luck, there is no mathematical calculation to do or a real strategy to win at roulette, but you simply have to rely on good luck and be careful not to get too carried away.